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CHT Print Perfect user guide

Water Based Inks

Works with pantone formula guide


CHT Print Perfect Water Based Ink is a High Solids water based acrylic system consisting of a ready to use White, Opaque and Transparent Bases + 26 Pigment concentrates that work with the Pantone Formula Guide. This high solids water based system will not dry in the screen during the printing process and depending on the base used will leave either a completely no feel hand when printed on a white garment or an opaque/bright ink layer with minimal hand when printed on dark garments using the White ink as an under-base.


Adding 10% water to AM1 Dye Blocker and White will improve print-ability and screen open time. Adding 5% of Tubassist Fixer 120 W is recommended when Nike wash / durability testing is a factor.


The Print Perfect system works best when the white is printed with mesh counts ranging from 110 – 160 and the pigmented bases are printed through a mesh count range from 140 – 230. AM-1 anti migration paste and the range of specialty pastes should be printed with 86 or 110 mesh.


Flash curing the initial white under-base is recommended. Flash curing the additional colors should be evaluated and used depending on the design being printed. Pre-heating and keeping the pallets heated to 140 F is beneficial when printing these inks in a wet-on-wet fashion.

*If the ink film sticks to the next screen after flashing the ink needs more time under the flash.


Inks are fully cured and will perform best when wash / crock tested when cured at 320 F for at least 90 seconds.


Emulsions designed for water based inks are strongly recommended. These products include but are not limited to Saati Textil PHU. Chemical hardening of the screens can be beneficial when the print runs exceed a few hundred prints.

Our staff can help you select the best materials and application process for your order


Screens, squeegees, flood bars, and all other tools should be cleaned with water only.


The following specialty inks are available.

  • Dye Blocker
  • RFU Metallic Silver / RFU Glitter
  • Puff
  • Foil Adhesive
  • Flock Adhesive
  • Overprint Clear
  • Self Crack
  • Pearlescent

The Print Perfect inks print very much like plastisol but the user can benefit by employing a few simple tricks.

1) Flood the screens when stopped.

2) Spray water on the flooded screens when stopping for extended periods of time

3) Spray water on the screens before initially adding ink. (This will help to keep the screens open during the set-up process)

4) Should the ink dry in the screen simply cycling the print head a number of times on a pellon or scrap garment should open the blocked image area.

5) If need arises use a wet rag to open a blocked image area from the bottom of the screen only.

6) Use a heavy flood with a sufficient amount of ink on the screen

7) If the ink film sticks to the following screen after flash curing the ink layer is not sufficiently dry

8) Double stroke the print heads

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