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A Safer, Cleaner Alternative to Traditional Adhesives

Works with any type of ink & garment

The Many Benefits Of printGRIP Products


Each Pad can be used on up to 120,000 garments

Environmentally Friendly

Completely safe and disposable


Save on cleanup and maintenance due to over spray

Simple Application

Eliminates distorted prints due to over-tacked pallets

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Successful Businesses are Built on Hard Work and Innovation.

At AIM, we pride ourselves on going to work every morning with that concept in mind.

That is why we have continued to thrive in an industry that never stands still. When it comes to hard work, we believe no one does client services better and when it comes to innovation our water based and silicone ink from CHT lead the way. Our commitment to innovation rings true now more than ever with the introduction of printGRIP pallet adhesive replacement.

We hope you agree as you read the real life case studies and testimonials from some of the most respected companies in the industry.

PVC Free Specialty Garment Inks

The giant industry ink manufacturers are really just plastic companies.

They devote their time and R and D budgets to PVC based inks as an avenue to sell their key product …. PVC. Aim Screen Printing Supply is working with ink manufacturers that are not plastic companies. They are true garment ink companies. For nearly a decade they have devoted their time and R and D budget to developing PVC Free based inks. This means our current line of PVC Free inks are the widest ranging and well-developed PVC Free inks available anywhere in the industry.

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