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About Us

AIM Screenprinting Supply

AIM Supply was founded in June of 2004 by Ben Goldstein. At the time, he was working as a sales representative for a worldwide leader in the screen printing supply industry. The experience Ben received while working there was invaluable, but there was still something missing.

And that’s how AIM Supply was born: on a philosophy of truly working with the client. Not only do we want to provide you with the best supplies for your work, but we want to do it in a way that makes you feel good about the experience, as if you were truly taken care of.

Quality, Not Quantity

“Jack of all trades – master of none.” That motto may work for some, but not for AIM Supply. We figure, why do a lot of things poorly, when you can focus on a few things and do them really well? As a result, at AIM we remain stick to doing what we do best. We leave the rest of the stuff for the big companies. The problem is, with them, you won’t get individual attention, you won’t get quality products, and you’ll be paying a lot more.

That idea of quality versus quantity applies, not only for the type of work we do, but how many customers we work with. Since we have a smaller operation, we limit our clientele to what we can handle. And when we say "handle," we're talking about providing personalized service and top notch quality.

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"I wanted to interact with customers more. When you get in the coporate world, so many times it's all about numbers and revenue and market share. All that is important a times, but if that's all you focus on you start to lose touch with what your're really doing: helping your customer achieve their goals. To me, that's a selfish way to do business.

Working for a big company like I used to, I realized that know matter how well I get to know my customers, I was limited on what I could do for their businesses. There was too much red tape, too many bosses, and way too much overhead. That's when I decided that I would find a better way..."

Ben Goldstein - AIM Screenprinting Supply President



  • Print easily on dark garments
  • Prints on cotton and polyester garments
  • Will not dry in the screen
  • Soft hand
  • Cleans up with water
  • PVC and Phthalate FREE

  • Will not bleed on polyester garments
  • Unmatched elasticity
  • Will not dry in the screen
  • Soft hand
  • Perfect for athletic uniforms
  • PVC and Phthalate FREE

  • Clear gels
  • Puff effects
  • High density
  • Foil and flock adhesives
  • Water based self-cracking ink
  • PVC and Phthalate FREE